The Obstacle to Our Freedom

If freedom is always available to us, why is it so difficult to find?

It’s important to bring awareness to the obstacle before we look at solutions. 

Let’s imagine you’re in a situation with someone who is absolutely frustrating you … you just want to get away from them, to a place with peace and quiet, to freedom from this frustrating person.

What in this moment is preventing you from feeling freedom? It might seem like it’s the other person … but it’s never really something external. They might be the trigger for how you feel, but in reality we are the ones who create the feeling of frustration, through how we’re viewing the situation or other person.

Let me emphasize that: how we view the other person, or the situation, creates our feeling of stress, frustration, anger, disappointment.

It doesn’t really matter what the external situation is: some frustrating person, politics, a sporting event, our own behavior. If a feeling of lack of freedom gets created, it’s because of our view.

This isn’t to blame ourselves — we’re not doing anything wrong. It’s simply to bring awareness to the cause of this obstacle.

The liberating thing is that if our views are responsible for this difficulty … we have the power to change the situation! Always.

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